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Those DeWolfes Podcast Episode 22: Pinterest

Things Change

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Submitted by Cheryl DeWolfe on Sat, 02/18/2012 - 22:35

In this episode, Mike and Cheryl discuss Pinterest, the new kid on the social media block. While it's been deemed a girls' club, we don't think that's entirely accurate or problematic. Other discussions including ways to use Pinterest, and how it might evolve.

Episode References:

  • Last week, Cheryl wrote a quick piece called Pinterest is Just Getting Started
  • Around the same time, it was revealed that Pinterest had signed on with Skimlinks and was altering affiliate links; they have since discontinued this practice.
  • Candace Mountain is the author who figured out how to make a mosaic of her book cover; she shared her Pinterest thoughts on her blog
  • Right now there is no limit to the number of pins per board nor the number of boards per user. If the site becomes more popular, I can see them going the Flickr freemium route
  • Don't like Pinterest or want people to pin your stuff? There's a code snippet you can add to the header of your page:
  • Follow Cheryl: Follow Me on Pinterest -- and/or Mike: Follow Me on Pinterest

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