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Those DeWolfes Podcast Episode 19: Keepin it Clean

Submitted by Cheryl DeWolfe on Sun, 01/22/2012 - 22:25

In episode 19, "Keepin' it Clean: Clean Coding Concepts" Mike and Cheryl talk about the need for clean code and script in web design -- whether it's PHP, HTML, CSS or XML -- and what can happen when things go wrong.

Episode References:

  • If you need to dig into code, check out W3 Schools for reference, tutorials and code validators
  • When debugging, it's critical to perform cross-browser testing. We generally do this manually by loading sites in multiple browsers on Windows and Mac machines but SmashingMag offers this Review of Tools & Services (from 2010) for this purpose. (Do you have a favourite tool? Let us know!)
  • While trying to sort out our RSS woes, Cheryl found Feed Validator to be ridiculously helpful.
  • Mike also recommends CSS3 Generator for clean CSS code.

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