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Let’s talk about Jeff. Jeff wanted to make a website. He had some money. He had a friend who was going to help. They were going to be rich! That was 18 months ago. The site isn’t ready and they’re broke.


So you’ve written a book, had it edited, and you feel good about releasing it to the world. But WAIT! Before you put it on Kindle or Smashwords or add the PDF on your website for download, do these five things to increase sales/downloads and extend the reach of your book:

I like is Commerce Node Checkout: it allows a site owner to let the public pay to publish content. In my example, I was using it to let businesses create and pay for advertisements. They would have access to be able to upload the ad of their choice. After hitting "submit" the node / ad is held in an unpublished state while the business user is taken to a checkout page so that they can purchase the publication rights. Nice. Automated. Money-making. In theory

Who Are We?

Those DeWolfes Creative is a partnership between Shawn and Cheryl DeWolfe. We operate our business like a lab: after experiments and research, we concoct products to serve niche needs and markets. We also do custom websites tailored to the needs of clients. We're about more than just web design: we have blended our work in IT, writing and art to build a full range of creative offerings. We deliver great solutions that combine innovation and common sense.
Those DeWolfes Creative is based in Victoria BC, but we have worked for clients throughout North America and further afield.

Specialty: Web Design

We can deploy a sophisticated site in very little time. Get the same tools and capabilities as the big players, but do it all on a shoestring budget. For your project, we assemble the best team of specialists: Web designers who know the Internet inside and out; graphic designers who know how to deliver the best visuals; copywriters who will mesmerize your audience; and the best SEO consultants available. Our specialists team up to deliver you the best results.
We concentrate on making your site and its visuals of the site work to deliver your message and draw in your audience.

Specialty: Info Services

Information, content, and data are integral to every business but finding, creating, and managing it is time consuming. Sometimes big tasks need to be done only once -- why train someone in-house when you can hire our staff to get the project done? Other tasks may need to be repeated weekly, monthly or annually; our staff is happy to work out a schedule with you for the completion of these services. With a background in academic research and library services, Cheryl DeWolfe can manage your information needs.

Web Design Strategy

What does it take to get big? Like really big? Success on the web is all about the technicalities and how they fit into the big vision. We have done websites of all sizes and we know what’s required to successfully execute a site.

Web Design Advocacy

Web development projects can be complex. We want to take the stress out of your project. We’re in your corner. We will work to get you a full featured end result that gives your project everything possible.

Innovation Planning

You have a cool idea. What will it take to make it a viable even successful idea? We help you come up with an idea that is viable, catchy and has a unique offering to its audience.

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